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Friday 2nd January 2015

BFI Building the Strength in Numbers Partnership (SiN)

This is a joint project between SWFTA and the Media Archive for Central England (MACE).

Funding has been acquired to support development of a single shared Collection Management System (CMS) to administer our extensive archival holdings and also to exploit the data held within the system to improve public access to the collections online, onsite and via relevant 3rd party services.

The new CMS will be an output from The Strength in Numbers (SiN) initiative in 2010, established to explore opportunities for regional film archives to collaborate in order to improve service delivery, reduce costs and maximise income potential. By replacing out-dated and difficult to maintain software currently used to administrate their collections and redefine essential workflows and processes the intention in to increase efficiency and long-term sustainability and more fully exploit our archival holdings.

The key objectives are to:

1. Develop a single unified film archive Collection Management System suitable for collaborative use by regional archives (starting with MACE and SWFTA).
2. Streamline and standardise common business processes and workflows required for film archive administration
3. Consolidate collections data within a single system which adheres to industry standards for film archival data management
4. Leverage usage insights to drive future business decisions including: improved administration and reporting, analysis of usage, tracking of income generation
5. Increase automation of common workflows to improve efficiencies including future integration with financial and DAM systems
6. Increase access to the holdings by providing a central repository from which data can be automatically extracted for distribution, aggregation and online publication purposes

This new collaborative approach is designed to act as an exemplar for other film archives, and to evidence a scalable and sustainable Collection Management infrastructure for the sector. The long-term goal will be to encourage other small archives to migrate to this system and to benefit from the initial and long-term investment.

The overall goal of the project is to enable the two organisations to more efficiently manage data about their collections, streamline their day-to-day working and gather insights about the use of their holdings and improve public access to them. Changing this state of affairs is vital to maintaining the long-term sustainability of the regional archives and to increasing their potential impact and reach.