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Members of the public can purchase copies of footage held at SWFTA for private use. Copies sold to the public are strictly for private use due to copyright restrictions.

Copies can be provided on DVD or transferred electronically on request.

If you are interested in using SWFTA footage for a project or a community event, if you are a broadcaster or work for an independent production company, please refer our footage sales page. 

Film: Bedford Street, Plymouth from the Plymouth Libraries Collection @ SWFTA

If you are unable to find what you're looking for from the online search, simply contact us with the nature of your enquiry and we will undertake research on your behalf. We will then be in touch again with our findings.

We aim to respond to archive enquiries as efficiently as possible ensuring a good quality service. Our response time will be dependent upon the nature of the enquiry, the availability of technical staff, and whether further information is required. Please allow 10 working days before contacting us to follow up your enquiry. However, if it is more urgent please let us know and we will try to help if at all possible.

Film: Worlds Biggest Pancake, Torquay, 1972 from the SWFTA Westward Collection © SWFTA

Film: Rebuilding Plymouth, Endicott Collection @ SWFTA

PLEASE NOTE: All viewers requests will have the ©SWFTA logo embedded (discretely) in the fashion of terrestrial television programming, as shown above. 

For more information or to submit a search request please contact the SWFTA Archive Admin. Team.

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