Your Films and Video

SWFTA is pleased to accept donations of film and video material with a relationship to the South West region. Donors often think that family footage is not of any interest, but in fact it provides a valuable record of social history and culture – places, transport, clothing, and how people spent their time in times gone by. SWFTA will preserve this heritage for future generations. 

As a responsible custodian of public memory, SWFTA works in consideration of the following key standards:

- PD5454 - Guide for the Storage and Exhibition of Archival Documents, 2012 (formerly BS5454:2000)
- The National Archives Standard for Records Repositories, 2004

Sometimes equipment such as cameras and projectors may also be accepted. Material can be donated by private individuals, companies, museums, libraries, community organisations and artists.

Photograph: Edward Gigg, SWFTA Volunteer with the Kodak 8mm Cine Camera he donated to the archive.

Film material is inspected and then copied. Master copies are stored and the original material is returned if the donor wishes to retain it. A DVD copy of material can also be supplied to the donor if required. The donor is required to sign SWFTA's Acquisition Agreement. If collections deposited are found to contain Westward/TSW content - of which SWFTA owns the full rights - this will be raised with the depositing body. 

SWFTA does not collect cellulose nitrate film stock, which poses a major threat to its collections. Cellulose nitrate has the potential to be very flammable if it becomes unstable. SWFTA does not accept commercially purchased films such as cartoons or news reels because of copyright restrictions.

Original material deposited to SWFTA for safe-keeping is cared for responsibly within our temperature and humidity controlled specialist archive storage unit. The unit conforms to PD:5454 and is monitored daily by professional archive staff. 

SWFTA Tape Collections Vault. 

SWFTA Film Collections Vault 1. 

As custodian of deposited material, depositor rights will be honoured in all future use and distribution unless these have been transferred to SWFTA at the point of deposit.  

If a collection includes material which is not of regional interest, such as foreign holidays, this is not copied. A DVD copy is provided for the donor if requested but there will be a fee for this service. 

For more information about depositing or donating your material, or to ask about our digital transfer service, please contact SWFTA.