"Subject coverage is as wide as life – it’s just extraordinary what SWFTA have. SWFTA encapsulates the story of the South West." LL, Strode Theatre and Cinema.

"The collections are unique in their relevance and scope to the region. Their ability to gather and research material specific to small communities is absolutely invaluable." DK, Gunnislake, Cornwall.

"I just wanted to write to say thank you again for your help... the DVD arrived last week and my family and I are over the moon with it. It was also a wonderful surprise for my mother to be able to watch her father singing, laughing and chatting during the filming – he passed away 25 years ago this year... It has therefore brought back so many happy memories for her." SWFTA client.

"The SWFTA film is of its time… Films are made only in their time... This gives them great authenticity and take people straight back to that time." LL, Strode Theatre and Cinema.

"The way in which SWFTA has been able to gather material relevant to smaller communities is, in my experience, outstanding." DK, Gunnislake, Cornwall.

"Please will you thank the volunteers who put together the DVD. It was a great success last night. We had a very full audience who gave it a round of applause at the end. It was a lovely balance of material and we all had a super evening. Thank you." SWFTA client.

"My Dad would be pleased as punch that his work may reach a wider audience." SWFTA depositor.

"Thanking you very much indeed, and [I] have to confirm you are the tops without any question!" SWFTA client.

"I often wish I lived a little closer to Plymouth as I would love to become a volunteer & help out at the archive on some of my days off. I have always been fascinated with local television - the Westward/TSW era being my particular area of interest. In my opinion, that was the golden era of local television down here... Keep up the good work!" SWFTA client.

"If SWFTA was not there we would have a significant gap in the material that we have available to us and that we could share." JS, The Lenkiewicz Foundation.

"I have to say a massive thank you for your help. On behalf of our volunteers and committee thank you for your assistance in making our forthcoming exhibition so valuable to preserving our community heritage." SWFTA client.

"We have worked with SWFTA for 15 years and have a really fruitful relationship. You need the experts to make the historical links." LL, Strode Theatre and Cinema.

"Just watched the DVD and had a lovely time down memory lane. Delighted that SWFTA is doing such a terrific job." SWFTA client.

"Your contribution will make lots of happy memories for generations to come." SWFTA client.

"Hi just to say thank you for DVD of my uncle George on Brunel Bridge... it's brilliant to see him again here at home. It's a very special thing what you do... reuniting families with their ancestors on screen." SWFTA client.

"A lot of SWFTA material is relevant well beyond the South West. For example the films they complied about agriculture and transport covered issues that affect everyone. So it is hugely important nationally and beyond." EG, The Moviebus Project.

"It was a pleasure to meet the team today and I can't thank you enough for all your help. It was wonderful going through the footage and I'm over the moon at what you'd found in the archive - it will make such a difference to the film. You and your team excelled yourselves and made obtaining the material very quick and painless." SWFTA client.

"SWFTA covers everything about human lives, technological development and everything humans do. I do not think there is another art form that better covers the cultural experience", LL, Strode Theatre and Cinema.

"Watching children’s reactions was remarkable as it was new to them and they were learning their own history. When they could make the connection about their location and learning about the history it really came alive for them." EG, The Moviebus Project.

"I had forgotten the sound of my mother's voice, and to hear her speaking again was so moving." SWFTA client.

Take A Part CIC were thrilled to be allowed to access the SWFTA archives to work on a commissioned contemporary art film about the history and relationship to the Tamar River of the Barne Barton community. The use of the archives underpinned the project... Using SWFTA archives has allowed the community to see what once was and to feed back to the Neighbourhood Plan their aspirations for the future, as it can allow people to see the local area positively. SWFTA is an amazing city resource. The staff were eager to help, highly knowledgeable, patient and supportive. We could NEVER have done this great work without SWFTA." KW, Take a Part (CIC)

"A big thank you to you, your staff and the volunteers for making us feel welcome during our visit to the archive yesterday. The MA Film students had a very rich and enjoyable experience. For almost all, it was their first visit to an archive, and opened their eyes to the possibilities of using and working with historic moving image material in their research and creative practice." KP, Plymouth University

"20 years is quite and achievement and all your staff, supporters and the veritable small army of volunteers should be very pleased indeed to have reached this milestone. You have gone from strength to strength despite the constraints placed upon you of funding and, at times, appropriate space. You are the holder of some priceless archive material and without you some of it would undoubtedly have been lost. So thank you all very much and I wish you well for the next 20 years." Alison Seabeck, MP

"These releases are wonderful and I hope there will be more in the future. ‘Walking Westward’ is a great record of the South West Coast Path from the seventies and a joy to see." SWFTA client. 

“I’ve found the whole business fascinating and the people, both staff and fellow volunteers, helpful and committed. The contents of the archives contain a fantastic wealth of material, from the earliest films donated by amateur and professional makers throughout the region and beyond, to the vast majority of programme material shot Westward and TSW both on film and video tape. All of it provides an invaluable insight into the way the region was. It’s like a photograph album choc full of all manner of pictures that mightn’t have seemed important at the time but become an invaluable historical document as the years go by. In my case it helps that I worked for Westward and TSW between 1977 and 1989, and actually produced some of the stuff! But even if I hadn’t, volunteering here would still have been a worthwhile and absorbing business which I can recommend. As a volunteer I am also playing a part in cataloguing and preserving all the archival material for the future.” Colin Damp, SWFTA Volunteer. 

"If I lived closer I'd probably come in more often than the one day a week I currently do. I feel at home here and feel I'm treated as part of the team (although that may have something to do with me bringing donuts each week...)" Graham Russell, SWFTA Volunteer.

"Many thanks for getting the DVD's to me in time for me to share before Xmas. Can I tell you that they did not disappoint indeed they helped us understand that part of my fathers life and indeed the millions of others who also participated in the conflict." SWFTA client.