Our Funders



SWFTA funding comes from the BFI Regional Investment Fund applied for annually based on submission of a three-year business plan. The  BFI funds major national and regional srchives under BFI Heritage 2022. Funding is subject to delivery of the priorities set out in BFI 2022 and is assessed against quarterly KPI reports.

SWFTA has a Service Level Agreement with Plymouth City Council 2012-present and a Creative Partnership Agreement with the University of Plymouth 2013-present.  

SWFTA supports its expenditure through the development of earned income through footage sales, Video on Demand (VOD) and Download-to-Own (DTO), DVDs, hosting or supporting film shows and licensing.

SWFTA has also benefitted from successful project funding bids to develop cataloguing and digitisation, recently through BFI’s Unlocking Film Heritage 2014 to 2016 for the delivery of Britain on Film and most recently an award from BFI Heritage 2022.