Meet the Staff


SWFTA Archive Director, Stacey Anderson [Dyer]

Appointed in December 2012, Stacey is the SWFTA Archive Director. A qualified Archivist - the first in SWFTA's history - she has over 14 years experience of working in and managing a variety of traditional and specialist media and digital archive services in the region including as the Founding Archivist and Manager of the celebrated South West Image Bank (2007-2012). Stacey's primary responsibility at SWFTA is to oversee the strategic development of the archive which includes: development and management of projects and partnerships and management of staff, collections and digitisation programmes. Stacey is also responsible for media relations and promotion, curation and outreach, fundraising, management of core and project budgets, social media and the website. Find out more about Stacey here.

SWFTA Business Manager, Suzanne Draffan

Appointed in August 2015, Suzanne is the SWFTA Business Manager. Suzanne has 19 years experience in the Television and Media industry, building strong networks across the South West with production companies, broadcasters and advertising agencies. She has account management experience at TSMS, Carlton, ITV and Pushed. Suzanne is an experienced Business Development Manager, supporting business administration including personnel, customer service delivery and management of commercial relationships in profit led environments. At SWFTA Suzanne is responsible for public enquiries, public and commercial sales and finance administration.

SWFTA Senior Technician, Mike Brewis

Mike is the SWFTA Senior Technician. A former Archive Librarian at TSW (from 1982) and prior to that Assistant Manager for the Drake and Odeon Cinemas in Plymouth (from 1973), Mike joined the archive only months after its creation in 1993 and is therefore the longest serving member of the SWFTA team. In addition to his technical oversight, Mike also ran a Community Services Volunteer Project within SWFTA for three years. He has a wealth of knowledge about the Westward/TSW Collection and expertise in working the complex and sophisticated film and tape equipment. At SWFTA he is responsible for maintaining SWFTA's traditional and analogue technologies, and for undertaking the transfer and digitisation of original material supplied for public and commercial enquiries. 

SWFTA Technician and BFI-UFH Project Technical Officer, James Gibbs

James started his career in television at Plymouth University's Hoe Centre Studio as a Studio Technician in 1996. The job included most of the behind the scenes technical roles in live broadcast, including lighting, camera work and maintenance and was an amazing training ground. In 2000 James took a job as a Technical Operator at Westcountry Television, working as part of a team in the studio and on location for the News, Sports and Features departments. He trained as a Vision Mixer and Director, directing many editions of the Westcountry Live news programme. In 2009 James became a location Camera Operator and Satellite Uplink Engineer, shooting, editing and providing live inserts for The Westcountry Tonight. His job has taken him to every corner of the South West and he has been fortunate to have met some amazing people and covered some wonderful stories. After about a year volunteering at SWFTA, James was appointed as the SWFTA Technician in October 2015 and as the BFI-UFH Project Technical Officer for Phase 3 in December 2015. Wearing his SWFTA Technician hat, James is responsible for supporting maintenance of SWFTA's traditional technologies, for management of SWFTA's digital systems and for undertaking the transfer and digitisation of original material supplied to projects. 

SWFTA Archive Assistant and BFI-UFH Project Metadata Officer, Natalie Banbury

Originally appointed in May 2013, as the BFI Volunteer Project Training Officer, Natalie worked as SWFTA's Interim Assistant Archive Manager during the Archive Director's maternity leave from May 2014 to February 2015. In February 2015 Natalie was appointed as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage Project as the Project Metadata Officer. In November 2015, Nat was appointed as a member of the core team as SWFTA's Archive Assistant. Natalie has extensive experience of archival cataloguing and digitisation within a film archive. Previously involved with Theatre Production and stage management, she has a background in Interior Architecture and Design and has experience in managing large groups of people through exhibitions and productions. Wearing her SWFTA Archive Assistant hat, Natalie supports client requests, research and collections work and is responsible for coordinating the SWFTA volunteers. 

BFI-UFH Project Director, Jilly Payne

Appointed in February 2015, Jilly has a background in European TV News and worked as a News Producer and free-lance journalist. Jilly is taking on the role of managing the transfer of archive film footage to digital under the National Lottery-funded British Film Institute’s Unlocking Film Heritage Digitisation Fund. Under the BFI’s forward plan Film Forever, Unlocking Film Heritage aims to open up regional archives to the general public by making available film archive that may not have been seen for decades. Jilly has a BA honours degree in Modern Languages French and Italian with politics and economics and an International Relations Diploma from the University of Nice, Jilly is also learning Greek.

BFI-UFH Project Technical Officer, Graham Russell

Graham is another former colleague who worked for ITV Westcountry until 2009. Shortly after, and with a bit of arm twisting by his former colleagues working at the archive, he started volunteering at SWFTA. When the digitising project was in progress, he joined the team as a paid employee and returned to volunteering afterwards, until February 2015 when he was appointed to support Phase 2 of the BFI-UFH Project as the Project Technical Officer. This is a role he will pick up again in January 2016 with the confirmation of funding for Phase 3. Graham is a very experienced technician and works mainly with the telecine and digitising equipment, and is also very good at computer problem-solving. 

Support Personnel:

SWFTA staff receive vital support from a team of external personnel; Book Keeper - Anna Smith (SMS Bookkeeping), Accountant - Sean Donovan (S G Heath & Co Ltd), Telecine and Steenbeck support engineers - Jonathan Wellingham, Barry Smith and Lewis Gardiner, IT and server technologies support - Kevin Brownrigg (Options4)database management support - Rob Douglass (Grosvenor House Associates) and website support - IDAT  

In Memory

Jennie Constable [Charlesworth], SWFTA Administrator, 2009-2015

Appointed in 2009, Jennie was our SWFTA Administrator until her sad passing in August 2015. A former Broadcast Production Manager at Westward and TSW, Jennie's was a highly skilled licensing, copyright and rights clearance expert. Jennie's impressive career in television began in 1979 when she worked as News Room Secretary for Westward Television. She became a Production Manager with TSW-Television South West and subsequently worked for Westcountry Television, Carlton, and ITV Westcountry both as a staff member and in a freelance capacity. Jennie worked on regional and network programmes, both live and recorded, in the studio and on location. As a freelance she specialised in music licensing and copyright clearance, ensuring that all outside material used in programmes was authorised for transmission in regional, national or worldwide territories. She worked in the tape library at ITV Westcountry in Plymouth and then as a news support co-ordinator at the Bristol ITV studios before joining SWFTA in May 2009. 

Jennie was an inspiration to all her met her. Always full of joy and enthusiasm for life, family, friendship and her work. A consummate professional who even during her last few weeks was there for us whenever we needed her. We are all so enormously grateful to Jennie for her outstanding contribution not just to the archive but to the wider television industry. The legacy of that contribution will continue to help SWFTA grow and develop for many years to come, she is and always will be integral to the team.