About the Film Archive

The Film and Moving Image Archive is one of the largest regional film archives in the UK and a founding member of Film Archives UK (FAUK) and member of the British Film Institute's Film Audience Network (FAN) in the Film Hub SW run by Watershed Bristol. The Box Plymouth houses Plymouth's Museums Galleries Archives and is set to open in Spring 2020. The inauguration of The Box will coincide with Mayflower 400 celebrations and give the City of Plymouth a new contemporary space for art and culture. 

The Film Archive was originally established in 1993 following the closure of TSW Studios in Plymouth. The collection comprises of the catalogues of former ITV franchises, Westward Television (1961-1981) and Television South West (1982-1993). The Archive has since become the main repository in the region for film and moving image from its earliest film of 1895 to born digital content. The Box curates many collections and holds paper records, photos and legacy film and television equipment either donated or retained from former broadcasting days. Film and TV archive works take the form of news reports, documentaries, public and corporate films and videos and amateur donated collections and the Film Archive is digitising to 2K standards. The Film Archive adheres to The International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) guidelines for digitising and preserving its collections.