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31st January 2014

SWFTA Welcomes Alison Seabeck, MP

SWFTA staff were treated to a visit from local MP Alison Seabeck today...

28th January 2014

SWFTA Volunteer Celebrates 10 Years with the Archive

SWFTA volunteer Laura Body celebrates ten years with the archive...

23rd January 2014

New Commissions for Artists and Film-Makers in Devon and Cornwall

Our friends at Exeter Phoenix are excited to announce new commission opportunities for artists and film-makers based in Devon and Cornwall...

21st January 2014

SWFTA's Drake's Island Film is a Hit!

SWFTA's Drake's Island film from the Westward Collection, proves to be a hit with online audiences...

6th January 2014

SWFTA Launches New Project to Discover Hidden Gems

SWFTA has welcomed three new members of staff in January 2014 will are working with us on the BFI's Discovery Fund project until the end of June...


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