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Sunday 27th September 2015

SWFTA supports Pedal Power Cinema in Cornwall: cinema screening with a difference

During September, SWFTA was delighted to be working with C-Fylm, Cornwall's community cinema club driven by local people programming interesting film in wonderful places around Cornwall. C-Fylm is a sister project to Carn to Cove run by Cornwall Arts Centre Trust and Cornwall Film Festival. 

C-Fylm ran four days of “Pedal- Powered Cinema” across Cornwall, partly funded by the BFI South West and West Midlands Film Hub of which SWFTA is a partner. Local volunteers were enticed to power up on their bicycles a dynamo to drive the screen and sound system for some interesting film experiences.

The event, which formed part of the HLF funded Devoran Railway Centenary Festival was supported by Bissoe Bike Hire, run by Bike Chain Ricci a local cycle shop who offered the location for the show and who recruited Power Teams from local cycling groups. South West Film and Television Archive, the Trevithick Society and Shell Film Archive  assisted C-Fylm in sourcing and supplying archive footage of local stories to be screened along with the classic Cycling documentary.

Tim Smithies, Project Director of Carn to Cove said "the Archive Film event on Saturday was a big success. Your short films much appreciated – and a round of applause accompanied them."