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Tuesday 28th January 2014

SWFTA Volunteer Celebrates 10 Years with the Archive

For the past ten years, SWFTA volunteer Laura Body has given her own free time to supporting vital data entry work at the archive each week. 

Laura, who is supported at SWFTA by an enabling assistant, has been working with the archive for 10 years undertaking essential data entry; transferring information from index cards to the PC to enable improved access to and retrieval of archive material. Laura was also in attendance at the archive's 20th Birthday celebration last October and was on hand to greet SWFTA's Patron, Angela Rippon. 

Laura has a bubbly personality and loves being part of the team. Laura says the things she most enjoys about SWFTA is her database work and the people she works with.

SWFTA Archive Director says: "Thank you so much Laura and indeed to all our fantastic volunteers who collectively give thousands of hours per year of their own free time to supporting SWFTA. We absolutely love having Laura and the volunteer team on board and really do appreciate the work they do. We would not be where we are today without them!"

Find out more about our volunteers and details of our volunteering schemes here

Photographs: Laura Body working at her desk in SWFTA and outside SWFTA.