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Tuesday 21st January 2014

SWFTA's Drake's Island Film is a Hit!

SWFTA is realising the power of social media as an effective tool for sharing its resources with audiences. 

Drake's Island is a hot topic of debate at the moment with local residents interested in future plans for the now derelict site. SWFTA released a nostalgic video from its Westward Collection showing Drake's Island in its heyday. The black and white footage shows the island in Plymouth Sound in 1966 when it was still being used as an activity and adventure centre.

SWFTA posted a link to the film on the Facebook page and added a little tweet for good measure. Four hours after uploading the video to Vimeo, ITV Westcountry contacted the archive to request a copy for broadcast and an article was released in the Herald about the clip!

View the full Herald feature here.  

Link to the film here.