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Saturday 21st September 2013

Launch of Resurgam: The Lost Pearl of Plymouth

Resurgam is a multi-locational action-adventure where immersive theatre, digital technology and history collide in an original game experience where players hunt for the magical lost pearl of Plymouth. Resurgam is a supernatural action-adventure movie which places the player at the heart of the story.

History, digital technology and theatre are integrated to create an original game experience that immerses players in a citywide hunt to find the magical Pearl of Plymouth.

Sea-soaked characters and stories from Plymouth's nautical past will help you unravel the mystery of the lost Pearl, if you can find them.

Resurgam will take place across the city of Plymouth and culminate in a final performance and live music on board a ghost ship. There will be a free mobile app to accompany the live game and tickets can be purchased at

Find out more about this highly exciting and innovative project here.