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Tuesday 5th November 2013

SWFTA Supports Community Projects

SWFTA is supporting a variety of community projects which will be launched in 2014. One example being the fantastic Take a Part (CIC) project. Here’s what they had to say about us:

"Take A Part CIC were thrilled to be allowed to access the SWFTA archives to work on a commissioned contemporary art film about the history and relationship to the Tamar River of the Barne Barton community.

The use of the archives underpinned the project and allowed us to work with the Barne Barton Community to initiate conversations about local access to the river, the lack of access to MOD land, the lack of infrastructure, the socio-economic deprivation of the area and local ambitions. Because we could access the film archive, we were able to speak to 35 residents about their area and create a film that will be screened to hundreds in the local community and to thousands internationally as part of the River Tamar International Film Festival in 2014. This is very important locally as it puts Barne Barton, an island in Plymouth with a poor reputation, on an international agenda.

All of these conversations and screenings are also supporting the Neighbourhood Plan, a pilot localism act and the first ever for Plymouth. Using SWFTA archives has allowed the community to see what once was and to feed back to the Neighbourhood Plan their aspirations for the future, as it can allow people to see the local area positively.

SWFTA is an amazing city resource. The staff were eager to help, highly knowledgable, patient and supportive. We could NEVER have done this great work without SWFTA."

Link to the TAP website here.